Is a Refurbished Robot Right for My Business?

Is a refurbished robot right for your business? The short answer is: Yes, absolutely.

The long answer is: Who are you buying a refurbished robot from, and what brands are they selling?

The shopping process for a refurbished robot is much like the shopping process for anything else. A cheaper car might wind up costing you more in the long run if it's an obscure model that's difficult to find replacement parts for, the same goes with robots. Some used cars have not been thoroughly tested by their dealers while others are put through their paces before being handed over to the buyer, the same goes with robots. Some brands are more high-maintenance than others, sometimes a reliable brand puts out a faulty, unpopular model, and so on.

To put it one way: There's no more risk in buying a refurbished robot than there is in buying one fresh off the assembly line. If anything, some of that risk can be offset by the lower cost of a refurbished unit and the fact that it's easier to research a model that's been around for a few years than it is to research something that only debuted a few months ago. But, you've got to put in the work, you've got to research what you're buying, and you've got to talk to your seller about their process, and what sort of policies they offer to insure your purchase.

With a little bit of homework, there's no reason a refurbished unit can't last for decades with minimal upkeep, just as long as you take the time to research the seller, the best brands, and the best models.

For professional field service repair or electrical repairs for your robot, contact Northline Industrial today! 

WTC GEN6000 Minipak

This is the Weltronic (WTC) MiniPak welder control for robotic applications. It is a self contained weld control system that mounts to the top of the robots control cabinet. Northline now has the experience and test rig to repair and test this Weld Controller.

Aker Wade Unimax 5001 Battery Charger

Newly added repair capabilities for Aker Wade material handling fork truck battery chargers. Northline Industrial can repair and dynamically test either the entire UniMax 5001 controller or the display control module or charger power module.

Allen Bradley Powerflex 755 Ethernet IP

Northline now has repair and test capabilities on the Powerflex 755 with Ethernet IP. With Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP, you can place these drives on the same network as Kinetix drives. Call Northline for your PowerFlex 755 repair needs!

UATC Temperature Controllers

Many manufacturers make this module Temperature Controller or ones similar to it. Whether it is configured for 220VAC or 115VAC, Northline can repair and test them all!

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