How Often Should My Industrial Robot Be Inspected?

Robots are a great way to strengthen an industrial operation that relies on speed and accuracy to survive, but unfortunately, robots can be just as imperfect as the people who made them. It's too easy for companies to forget about their machinery until there's a problem, which ends up costing companies far more than needs be. Instead, implement regular inspections and constant maintenance to catch problems before they balloon into major issues. But just how often should you have your industrial robot inspected? Read more to find out. 

Hours and Years 

Your robot should be inspected based either on the amount of time it's been in operation (normally capped at 3,850 hours) or the amount of time since it came off the assembly line (typically once every year). Your inspections should be at whichever deadline comes first. If you use your robot for 3,850 hours in 6 months, then that's when it will need to be inspected. For those companies who use their industrial robots around the clock, it's especially necessary to keep a schedule. Robots certainly aren't easy to come by, but keeping up with inspections can ensure they last for potentially decades.

Necessary Work

It may not seem like it at the time, especially if nothing is found after the first few inspections, but inspections are necessary steps that come with owning a robot. Inspections are detailed ways for every part to be checked on. These thorough examinations not only tell the industrial plant owner where the problems are but also the problems that may occur farther down the line. For example, if a part is perfectly functional but looks like it may break within the next two months, then that gives everyone a chance to budget for buying a new part. It also means that an owner has ample time to schedule a repair so that it gets fixed well before it has the chance to make things worse.


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