5 Benefits of Robots in the Workplace

Having a robot in your workplace may seem like something from a science fiction novel. But robots are here to stay, and they can provide a variety of uses. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider adding a robot or two to your workplace:

  • Increase Productivity and Wages at the Same Time: In a study called "Robots at Work", researchers found that introducing robots to the workplace increased productivity, both from humans and robots. This led to higher wages for the worker as their work became more valuable.
  • Let the Robots Do Repetitive Work: With easy, low-skilled, and repetitive work, it's better to let a robot take care of that. This frees up employees to do more skilled work which is more valuable. And this will also increase employee satisfaction as they get to do more advanced work.
  • Save Dangerous Work for Robots: There are a lot of dangerous jobs out there in the workplace. Many of those jobs can be handled by robots. We can save lives and avoid paying out for workplace injuries. Some examples of robots that do dangerous work are bomb detonators, security, and mining robots.

Robots Can Go Where Man Can't: More and more newscasters are relying on drones instead of helicopter pilots for aerial footage. Mine companies such as Rio Tinto in Australia use robots to explore mines. They can even go down manholes and investigate clogged sewer pipes.
Minimal Training: It is pretty easy for most employees to program a robot to perform a specific function. This frees up more time for employees, and less money spent on training.
There are a lot of practical reasons to use robots for your business. They can save you money, increase productivity and wages, and do the dull, dirty, repetitive work that no one wants to do.

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